Sport Camping Flaschberger

Dear Camper friends:

In our strife to keep you very happy please follow the recommanded regulations.

  • During the quiet time (from 13.00 – 15.00 hour and from 22.00 bis 07.30 o’clock) it is not allowed to use the TV- or music apparatus. Neither is the erecting and dismentling of tents or the driving of any motor vehicle at the camping ground allowed.
  • The camping ground must be cleared by 12.00 noon, or another night will be charged.
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times.
  • On the camping ground it is not allowed to play  ball or play loudly with the radio.
  • Do not through the dishwater into the grass.
  • Garbage must be seperated put into the appropriate container.
  • Please keep the area around your tent or caravan clean.
  • Do not stretch a cloth line between trees, instead use to drying room.
  • Do not built a water ditch around your tent or caravan
  • Open fireplaces are not permitted.
  • Watch your children, take care of trees and bushes.
  • Parents please go with your children to the toilet, to the swimming pool, shower as well as the use of dishwashing area.
  • Visitor for our guest must obtain permission and must pay a visitor rate as outlined in the price list. The visiting hours are from 8.00 til 18.00 o’clok and must be done on foot.
  • The camping owner is not responsible for any damaged or stolen goods or any personal property